Aerial inspection services using aerial UAV drones are fast becoming a vital and cost effective way of carrying out inspections to properties, buildings, factories, infrastructure and other properties and locations without the hassle of scaffolding, road closure, specific permits and putting human life at risk.


At Balmore Media, we can offer UAV aerial inspection services with our high tech drones to businesses in property marketing and inspections purposes, wind turbine inspection, off shore inspection and more.  With out head office in Glasgow, we are able to provide drone video inspections across Edinburgh and the rest of Scotland.



Aerial Drone Property Inspections and Marketing across Scotland

Selling property is made so much more interesting and effective by being able to visually highlight the very best aspects of the premises for sale using our high tech aerial drone footage of the property location.  Aerial drone footage of a property can vastly increase the conversion rate for a quicker and more profitable sale.

Overcome obstacles that arise when inspecting properties in town and cities using our UAV aerial drone system. With aerial drone inspections, you can cut out the cost of scaffolding (with the high risk of working at height) and eliminate the need for road closures. With all of these advantages of using our aerial inspection service, you’ll save time, money, and fuss.

Not only will you get high-quality photography and videos of your property via our aerial inspection service, you’ll also be getting images from unique angles that would not be possible through traditional methods. Get better photos and videos of your property from a quicker and safer service, hire a well-established aerial media expert.



Call our drone team at our head office in Glasgow on 0141 370 4037