• Thermal Imaging

    We're equipped with the DJI Zenmuse XT Thermal Imaging camera, the very latest in thermal imaging technology. By attaching it to our Inspire 1 PRO, combining expertise in gimbal technology and 4K resolution within the industry leading thermal imaging technology of FLIR, Balmore are your number one choice.
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  • Aerial Surveys

    Being highly accurate, our aerial surveys are the most efficent and cost-effective method of collecting data on areas of interest. Our modern UAV technology means a quick & effective turnaround with every service, saving you time, money, and fuss. There’s really no better way to survey an area than hiring a well-established aerial media company.
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  • Drone Inspections

    Selling property is made so much more interesting and effective by highlighting the very best aspects of the premises for sale using aerial footage of the location. Overcome obstacles that arise when inspecting properties in town and cities using our UAV system.
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  • Aerial Event Filming

    Aerial Event Filming
    Indoor/outdoor event filming Film your company’s events - especially the ones featuring clients and experts. The impact of aerial video/photographs cannot be understated. Our UAV system features the scale of projects and offers a fun & distinctive way of viewing events such as live concerts, car rallies and weddings.
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  • Aerial Video/Photos

    Imagine a ‘bird’s eye’ view of all you survey, one that offers a unique and creative perspective. We capture the smallest of details as our systems utilise full 4K HD imagery and video. Whether it’s property, historical buildings, adventure sport, wildlife, promotional events or remote locations, we have the perfect solution for you.
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  • Renewable Energy

    Whether it's an on or off-shore wind farm inspection, solar panel survey, hydroelectric plant our aerial inspections are guaranteed to save time, money and human resources. Using the latest UAV Drone technology for our aerial video surveys and inspections, Balmore media provide unrivalled UAV systems across Scotland.
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What we have done in the last week?

With such a diverse range of services offered under Balmore Aerial Services, ranging from surveys and inspections to filming and aerial photography,
it is little wonder that every week we are doing something completely different. Keep up to date with all the drone services that we do week in, week out
across Scotland and the rest of the UK with our weekly updates.

What have we been up to?