Property Inspections/Marketing

Selling property is made so much more interesting and effective by highlighting the very best aspects of the premises for sale using aerial footage of the location. Overcome obstacles that arise when inspecting properties in town and cities using our UAV system. Cut out the cost of scaffolding (with the high risk of working at height) and eliminate the need for road closures. With all of these advantages of using our aerial inspection service, you’ll save time, money, and fuss.

Not only will you get high-quality photography and videos of your property via our aerial inspection service, you’ll also be getting images from unique angles that would not be possible through traditional methods. Get better photos and videos of your property from a quicker and safer service, hire a well-established aerial media expert.

Mast/Wind Turbine Inspections

Mast/Wind Turbine Inspections

Traditionally, Balmore Aerial Media has specialised in utilising rope access techniques in their inspection of masts and wind turbines, however, there are situations in and around urban areas where this is not practical or cost-effective. With that in mind, aerial media via the use of specialised drones is utilised, resulting in a superior, quicker, and safer mast/wind turbine inspection service.

Our UAV systems can provide ultra-high definition video and high resolution still imagery pinpointing any defects on the infrastructure of your mast or wind turbine. This not only means problems are identified with increased accuracy, it also means that these defects are also easier to find and fix when it comes to carrying out repairs. Mast/wind turbine inspections from Balmore Aerial Media are simply better than older traditional methods of inspection meaning that your choice of inspection service is made that much easier.

Offshore/Inshore Inspections

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Rigid-Inflatable Boat (RIB) (Balmore 3)

Balmore has a rigid-inflatable boat squad (RIBS). Using advanced RYA trained powerboat drivers we can transport our pilots, engineers & UAV’s to almost any location. This service has allowed us to access offshore windfarms for inspections with ease. We’re always doing our very best to ensure that we have the technology and supplies to cater to any and all of our clients, that’s why we continue to operate our RIB, in order to carry out offshore and inshore inspections.

Get a professional aerial media expert to carry our your offshore and inshore inspections using the very latest in aerial media technology. Simply put, Balmore Aerial Media can carry out your offshore/inshore inspections quicker, safer, and more cost-effectively than the alternative.