Balmore Aerial Media are experienced in both indoor and outdoor event filming, meaning we can record and photograph almost any event regardless of its location. This is a fantastic way to film your company’s events professionally, especially if they feature clients as well as experts in action. It cannot be understated as to how much of an impact aerial media can have; it is one of the very best ways to record events professionally for everyone to see.

Our UAV system easily puts across the scale of your event and offers a fun and distinctive way of viewing all types of events; from live concerts and car rallies to conventions and even weddings. There’s simply no other type of media which can rival aerial filming when it comes to recording events; with aerial event filming, you get the big picture of the event while still being able to see every little detail. With our high-definition 4K cameras, you and those you share our recordings with will see the event as clear as if they were actually there.

Aerial event filming is, without a doubt, the latest and greatest option when it comes to recording important events. Balmore Aerial Media provide one of the highest quality aerial media services you can find in Scotland at a fraction of the price of the alternative.

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